Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to repair my home before you will buy it?
  • No, we buy houses in “as-is” condition.
  • No repairs needed
  • No cleaning needed
  • No painting needed
  • No clean-out needed

Will you buy my home even if it needs no repairs?

  • Yes, we’d love to hear from you.

Can you close fast?

  • Yes, while we need to understand the details of your unique situation, typically closings can easily take place in 3 to 5 weeks – or even faster in some cases.

Is Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc. a national chain or franchise?

  • No, we’re a 100% local company focused on doing business in and near our Iredell-Statesville home community of North Carolina.

Is Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc. associated with any other home buying companies?

  • No, we have absolutely no connections with any other home buying company.  We’re 100% focused on living and doing business exclusively in the Iredell-Statesville community of NC – for the long term.

How do you value my house?

  • Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc. is a real estate investment company. We purchase houses, we invest additional time and money to improve the houses, and we resell the repaired houses. To do this we make a fair, no-obligation purchase offer based on the expected market value of your house after all repairs, discounting for our investment, the renovation time and related expenses.

What factors influence the purchase offer value for my home?

  • We live and work here in the Iredell-Statesville community’s housing market, so we’re able to accurately determine the value of your house. The following factors influence our purchase offer values.
  • The future value of your house after renovation, based on the market value of comparable homes in the local area.
  • Our local housing market conditions.
  • The condition of your house.
  • The cost of needed improvements.
  • The amount of time it will take to renovate.
  • The costs required to sell the home after the renovations.
  • The cost of maintaining the property until it’s ready to sell (insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments, etc.).
  • The estimated future value of your improved house, minus the costs, helps us arrive at the purchase offer that we provide to you.

Do you buy trailers or mobile homes?

  • Sorry, no.

Do you charge any fees to consult with me?

  • No, never.

Do you charge any fees to visit my house?

  • No, never.

Do you charge any fees to make a purchase offer on my house?

  • No, never.

Am I under any obligation if I request a consultation or purchase offer on my house?

  • No, never. You are always in-charge of the process. You are ALWAYS free to decide to accept or decline our purchase offer.

Who is Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc.?

  • Please see our “About Us” page, but in short:
  • We are a local husband & wife real estate investor team (Don & Jean Dillard) that formed the company Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc. to support and invest in the community we love.

What are the advantages of Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc. buying my house?

  • Please see our “Advantages” page – this isn’t a short answer! But perhaps we can best briefly say here that we simply want to work WITH you to help solve your problems and meet your needs.

What is the process of selling my home to Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc.?

  • You contact us
  • We visit
  • We provide a purchase offer at no cost to you
  • You decide
  • We close fast, and you get paid
  • See our “How it works” page for more information on the process and how we can make it easy for you.

What is meant by “cash” or “paying cash”, or “cash offer”, or similar phrases that I hear?

  • Please be careful to understand this point clearly. Sometimes the terminology used regarding “cash” can be a little confusing. Here are the key points to know.
  • At the closing of a house sale, no one ever buys and sells with actual physical cash, it’s not allowed (…think about carrying around grocery bags of $100 bills to and from closings).
  • Instead, at closings, all funds are certified (certified funds are a form of payment that is guaranteed to clear or settle by the company certifying the funds, such as a bank); this may be either electronic or with a physical check.
  • So then, what does “cash offer” really mean?  “Cash offer” is really only an indication of the source of the buyer’s money for closing the sales transaction. If the buyer does not use a loan to finance a portion of the purchase, this is called a “cash” sale.
  • In the end, you (the seller) receive the exact same amount of certified funds following the closing transaction (by a check, or electronically transferred to your banking account) – regardless of the buyer’s financing method.

Please take a moment to explore our website’s complete information and resources.  Then request a free/ no obligation consultation today via our CONTACT US page!