About Us

Dillard Homes of Statesville is a local, family operated company that proudly serves the Iredell-Statesville community and nearby areas of North Carolina. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, ALWAYS!

  • Always friendly.
  • Always honest.
  • Always easy to work with.

ABOUT US: Don and Jean Dillard

Don and Jean Dillard are husband and wife real estate investors in Statesville, NC. They are the founders of Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc. Don and Jean live in the West Iredell area of Iredell county, just a few miles outside of Statesville, NC. They have two beautiful adult daughters (…and four very spoiled dogs …and nine chickens).


Don attended West Iredell High School, is an Army veteran, received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from NCSU and has worked as an engineer & project manager in the automotive industry for 20+ years before transitioning into real estate. Don enjoys gardening, fishing, hunting & hiking.

Jean attended Alexander Central High School, graduated from UNCC with a BS in Human Services and worked in this field following her graduation. Then as the family expanded, Jean took on the most important task of being a full-time mother & homemaker. Jean is also an avid cook and baker (…and her Pound Cakes are legendary).

Don and Jean live and do business exclusively in and around the Iredell-Statesville community.

  • We grew up here.
  • We live here.
  • We raised our family here.
  • We work here.
  • We want to provide personal service to YOU – our neighbors.

ABOUT OUR BUSINESS: Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc.

Corporate information

  • Company name: Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc.
  • Company officers: Don Dillard and Jean Dillard
  • Company mailing address: Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc., 139 Cullen Lane, Statesville, NC 28625
  • Company websites: DillardHomesNC.com and WeBuyStatesvilleHouses.com
  • Company telephone: (704) 996-8280
  • Company email: DonDillard@DillardHomesNC.com

Our simple business model

  • We purchase single family homes that need some TLC.
  • We improve these homes (clean, repair, remodel, renovate, make updates and upgrades).
  • We resell the improved homes.

For your peace of mind:

  • We use the standard North Carolina state approved real estate sales contract for all our purchase offers. This means that you can have confidence that the contract does not contain any misleading information, unfair terms, or hidden conditions.
  • Additionally, Don Dillard is a North Carolina Real Estate Commission licensed Real Estate Broker. This means that you can be assured that you are working with an ethically bound, North Carolina licensed, real estate professional.
  • And, since Dillard Homes of Statesville, Inc. is buying your home directly from you, there are never any sales commissions or listing fees – NONE.

Please take a moment to explore our website’s complete information and resources.  Then request a free/ no obligation consultation today via our CONTACT US page.